Cultural Showcase


 Wild & Wonderful

Foot trails
Walk in the realms of nature accompanied by our young naturalist and treat yourself to a visual experience of the magic of the  western ghats.

"Bird watching session in progress"

Machans and hides

Delve in to the midst of natural activity or on wind on a solitary level at our specially created Machans and hides and experience the thrill of watching birds and smaller wildlife in their daily activities or relax amidst birdsong and animal calls at down or dusk.


Special nature encounter

Special encounters with reptile experts, butterfly and bird watchers and ecologists of various fields are a special feature as they provide first hand experience with the subject and serve the purpose of education too!

Interpretive talk

Listen to our invited experts as they speak on varied subjects from snakes and lizards to folk dance and art in natural setting and get enthralled by their  knowledge and experience.


Slide shows and presentation

Pictures speak louder than words! Which intimate moment of natural being in the campus captured in camera and develop an eye for doing the same. Slide shows, CD?s and galleries await your appreciation and support in our activity areas, as they are not only awe inspiring and fascinating but also provide education.


Souvenir Shop

The Souvenir shop at is a showcase of products and handicrafts sourced from local communities that reside in the surrounding areas of the property. The Shop also stocks memorabilia like post cards, t shirts, caps etc and promotes local produce like Honey and organic rice.


Treks and hike

Pack your rucksack and fasten your shoes to walk away into paradise. A pair of binoculars and a bottle of water is all you need to 
set  into the wilds, for an experience of a lifetime. Designed for various age groups our trails and route offer adventure and excitement at every step and transport you to a world you?ve never seen before.

"On a trail with guests"