Eco - Cottage



our cascading fish pond welcomes you

When the Grey hornbill sings full throated to welcome your arrival and breaks the morning silence, Ramu and Shamu, our majestic bullocks await your presence in our bullock cart to transport you to paradise via serpentine roads in thick forests. Breeze snaps every little bit of your being as the forest opens up to a small clearing and you are greeted by a cascading fish pond amidst lush greenery and a breathtaking rural ambience.

A land unexplored and kept away from the rush of unruly crowds, where silence vies with charm, and quaint little follys seek your blessed arrival.

A small turn and a touch of magic prevails in the air. Even the fall of a solitary leaf disturbs the silence as you are in the company of Lord Krishna! Our meditation center and temple is a rare blend of simplicity and design and thus enables your inner soul to connect to nature at its best.

Trek along, enveloped in hues of greens on both sides on an offbeat track and the culmination is a breathtaking structure that inspires every visitor who steps here. Located amidst naturally landscaped space, far away from the maddening din of the city life you?re accustomed to, Chinese, continental and Indian menus are taboo here ?? you won?t miss them too! Revitalize your body with healthy ethnic cuisine cooked and served by Ramakant and his boys on a grand jungle buffet, that would leave you spell bound. Delve into the preparations, their recipes and significance and above all tickle your taste buds to the core.

Tired? Yes, the obvious thing to do is retreat into our cascading swimming pool and have a date with the horizons for a change!


quaint little folly's seek your blessed arrival

cloud 9, our garden bar awaits you


With both sun and shade by your side and  the sweet fragrance of medicinal plants in the vicinity, our pool is a heaven for those who worship water as their God.

Or better still, chill out at Cloud 9, our garden bar, with its mystic surroundings and let Bhimnath , our local barman entertain you with jungle lore and folk art. And do taste "Hurrak" a local cashew  extract if you?re in here at summer or better still, our wines as they heal your anxiety and and exhilarate your  enthusiasm about the setting and enchanting company of nature that surround you.

And if you want to really unwind and attain nirvana, walk ahead into the misty height  in  the distance, towards our specially placed eco-cottage surrounded by forests in every sense of the word. Life withdraws here . ?.a perfect mix between the natural and things man made, as you relax in the cool recesses of our  shady verandahs or laze around watching small creatures carry out  their daily chores as you peep through our larger  than life windows. Peace and solitude are here to stay as you enjoy the comforts of a well furnished eco cottage in the realm of nature.

"Our infinity swimming pool"

Or better still, adopt the myriad moods of nature fused with culture on a special evening as local artisans perform with dedication and honor at activity centers. Understanding the legends, myth and notes that go along with them from Sunanda and Ramesh, our naturalist and wear a tapestry of relationship with these art forms that are dwindling with time.

For solitude and peace at its finest, spend some time at our fish pond, machans and sunset point or take a trip to a virgin waterfall and drape yourself with an earthiness that you?ve longed to experience.

"Interiors of our Eco-Cottage"