Mhadei Research Centre

The Mhadei Research Center has been established to provide a platform for wildlife researchers to document and study the biodiversity of the Mhadei Bio region that encompasses the states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The first of its kind in this region, the Mhadei Research Center fills a lacuna of wildlife research on lesser-known biodiversity of this region.

It seeks to document people’s knowledge of the biodiversity, build bridges between modern day scientific techniques and traditional knowledge.

The Centre is also used for demonstrations, discussions and training sessions for the local community, schools and other visitors to the Facility.

Private Sanctuary

Wildernest nature resort supports and sustain sone of India’s first and finest private sanctuaries. It comprises of 700 acres of biologically Western Ghats forests and includes evergreen forests, high altitude grassland ecosystems, waterfalls and caves. These forests are ecologically important and are the  catchment area for the Haltar nallah and the Valvanti River, both tributaries of the Mhadei river.

This is a secure wildlife corridor that allows for the free movement of large mammals like tigers, leopards and wild dogs between the tri-state boundaries of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra.