Our naturalists

Through field walks, nature dialogue and experience sharing our naturalist teams continue to share nature’s rich tapestry with guests who come fromvarious walks of life and ensure that each one returns home with a conservation message.

Initiating wildlife discussions and nature tales based on their experiences, our naturalists at Wildernest generate interest, curiosity and love for the Western Ghats of India.

Their silent work, now over two decadeshas had several guests turn into green ambassadors for the planet! Be sure to besmitten by their love and compassion for nature and love for adventure!

Community profile

Our 100 plus service staff is called the Wildernest family. Our locals only policy ensures that this family comprises of nature caring individuals hailing from six villages in the three neighbouring states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Our connect with the community is as vibrant as nature itself. With school education programs, health and skill development, we endeavour to instil love and respect for this important Global Biodiversity hotspot for posterity.